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Mono for the BlackBerry 10 platform


MonoBerry is Mono for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS and the future BlackBerry 10 platform. The project consists of three parts:

The latest release is MonoBerry 0.2.0. For updates, please head to the repository, subscribe to my ‘blog,’ or follow me on twitter.


  1. Download a release.
  2. Unpack it.
  3. Call ./

Please check the repo for instructions on how to build from source!

Setting up a device for MonoBerry deployment

MonoBerry configuration

The MonoBerry command-line tool monoberry will look for a INI-style configuration file ~/.monoberryrc that contains a section with global settings ([core]) and device-specific sections ([device.XXXX]):

Core settings

Device-specific settings

Command-line reference

TBD, try monoberry help for now.