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a photo uploader

“Up!” is a small Cocoa application that can resize and sharpen photos and upload them to a blog software via the MetaWebLog API.


2008-02-19 version 0.8.1

Bugfix that makes “Up!” work with WordPress now. Tested with a wordpress installation at

If “Up!” doesn't work with your (MetaWeblog supporting) blog, please tell me about it!


Version 0.8 adds a live preview feature and template support. Contrast and Sharpness can now be fine-tuned. Additionally there are MANY usability fixes and bugfixes. See git log for more details.


Version 0.7 released. Now works on PPC machines and on ‘Tiger’, too!.


Version 0.6 released. The Progressbar works now and the URL of the readily uploaded picture is copied to the pasteboard.


Getting “Up!”

To try it out, get the version 0.8.1 disk image or see below!

WARNING: For users of Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ it is a must to download and install the RubyCocoa Framework — this is not necessary on Leopard.

Building “Up!” from the sources


“Up!” is free software released under a OSI-approved 2-clause BSD-type license.