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2002-04-11 WingMan 0.2pre1 (UNSTABLE) released
Okay, here it is: the new WingMan concept. When you download the code, you will notice that much has changed since the last release (currently, we have no SQL support) but the interface is still the same. As you can read below that may change, too. I'm waiting for your opinions, contributions and flames. :-)

2002-03-27 New version soon!
After over one year of doing other stuff, I began to hack on WingMan a bit again, today. I am currently writing a completely new backend with some kind of a modular design. It will be possible to have different output modules, wich can be easily written, for any kind of address storage. The first one will be a .csv-like module. Later on I will add a new MySQL module and maybe other stuff. I also think about different frontend modules: one for the console, the standard WINGs one and maybe a FLTK or wxWindows one to make WingMan portable (to Windows :-) So stay tuned, and mail if you want to help.

release 0.1.1
+ just some graphical changes today

release 0.1
The current release can be used to search the database (either by clicking the search button, or by giving the name you look for as a parameter on the command line), add & delete records and of course change & save the entries.

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Download the most actual version here: wingman-0.2pre1.tar.bz2

...or have a look at an older one: wingman-0.1.1.tgz

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Mail feature requests, problems, questions & suggestions to < roblillack >
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+ about +
WingMan is/will be the interface to a MySQL powered addressbook for Linux. It is based on Window Maker's WINGs library.

In order to use WingMan, you need:

  • The Window Maker window manager, use the most actual release or the version from CVS. (You do not need to run it, just install it)
  • A MySQL database. A script that will create the needed Database and Table is included. See README.
  • The source code of WingMan.

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